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Krásný den! Petra

Care that responds to skin needs

Hydro Balance Face Cream
4.88 – 34 reviews
Ultra-moisturizing cream for all skin types

50 ml

Biopeptide Serum Spray
5.00 – 41 reviews
Multifunctional peptide serum spray

Available variants

from €31.78
Lifting Face Cream
4.80 – 10 reviews
Intensive firming cream for face, neck, décolleté

50 ml

Repair+ Toner
5.00 – 18 reviews

250 ml

Collagen Peptide Face & Body Wash
4.94 – 32 reviews
Regenerative and revitalizing gel for face and body skin cleansing

210 ml


Holistic support for whole body health

Nutrivi Detox UP
4.53 – 17 reviews
Multi-ingredient green detoxifying and cleansing cocktail

138,3 g

Holistic Peptide Complex
5.00 – 5 reviews
Peptide drink for immunity, preventive health, holistic balance

30 sachets

Get UP+
3.67 – 3 reviews
B vitamins, magnesium, sea urchin, guarana for energy, concentration, performance

100 g

Collagen Booster 30
5.00 – 5 reviews
Lyophilized collagen with vitamin C in capsules

30 kapslí

Nutrivi Move UP
5.00 – 7 reviews
Multicomponent support during weight loss, training, active lifestyle.

195 g

Synbio Complex & Triphala Booster
5.00 – 8 reviews
Synbiotic combined with triphala blend for gut health

2 x 30 capsules

Physio Sport Peptide Complex
4.79 – 24 reviews
Peptide drink in sachets - physical fitness and recovery, support in rehabilitation

30 sachets


More than makeup - skincare makeup products

Larens Colour Double Effect Mascara
5.00 – 11 reviews
Nurturing mascara with double brush for double effect
Larens Colour Liquid Foundation Glow
5.00 – 15 reviews
Glow effect care foundation

Available variants

30 ml

from €36.84
Body Shimmer
Cream body highlighter

50 ml

5.00 – 2 reviews
Matte blush in a light powder formula enriched with skincare ingredients

Available variants

8 g

from €15.40
Larens Colour Liquid Concealer Matt
5.00 – 5 reviews
Mattifying liquid concealer for skin care

Available variants

10 ml

from €30.80
Larens - cosmeceuticals

Larens - cosmeceuticals

Proven antiaging effects and pleasure in use

Make-up - Larens Colour

Make-up - Larens Colour

More than make-up

Dietary supplements - Nutrivi

Dietary supplements - Nutrivi

Holistic support for your health



A natural way to bring your body back into balance

Cosmetics with CBD - CANNAVI

Cosmetics with CBD - CANNAVI

Four cosmetics, dozens of applications

Peptide Drinks

Peptide Drinks

Comprehensive support for your body's well-being



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